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I am a hobbyist photographer living in the San Francisco Bay area. I started out taking photos of landscapes using my Gigapan and my Canon Powershot. With the Gigapan, I was able take many pictures of a scene and then used a special software to stitch the all the photos into one. This resulted in a highly detailed photo of the landscape which I would upload to gigapan.com.

But nobody was really all that interested to look at trees and sand. There were not many Facebook ‘likes’ on the postings of my landscape photos. I got so desperate for ‘likes’, I decided to take photos of cats and dogs. Thinking that the viral youtube clips of crazy cats would also translate well to photos of cats. But this was not the case. Only a few of my Facebook friends liked cats. Well, only two.

Then a light bulb hit me. I bought a new Canon T2i and I got people to stand in front of the landscapes I wanted to take photos of. All of a sudden, Facebook friends asked for more photos of people. I realized models were the easiest type of people to take photos of. Then eventually, my Facebook friends started to ask me to take their photos for them.

The collection of photos you see on my website are friends and models. I take photos to make everybody feel good.